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Call For Papers

Theme: Ecological Justice and the Right to Health

For: Health and Human Rights Journal Issue 23/2, December 2021

Guest Editor: Hope Ferdowsian

Numerous patterns of exploitation illustrate how the rights, health, and wellbeing of people, animals, and the planet are interconnected. And, increasingly, public health perspectives emphasize the link between ecological wellbeing and population health outcomes. One example is the One Health Initiative, which aims to promote interdisciplinary collaboration between those working in human medicine, veterinary medicine, environmental conservation, public health, governmental affairs, and international development in order to address the risk of global public health threats including changing climate conditions and zoonotic diseases with pandemic potential.

Despite an urgent need to address interlinkages between the health of people, animals, and the environment, too little attention has focused on the connection between the rights and health of people and animals.

This special section aims to explore the conceptual and practical connections between ecological justice and the right to health. Of particular interest are papers that go beyond locating and describing problems to identifying leverage points for changes that could enhance the rights, health, and wellbeing of the most vulnerable stakeholders.

Papers on this topic could address the following:

  • intersections between social and environmental justice that impact the right to health
  • relationships between the legal, political, and economic treatment of animals and the natural environment, and health and human rights
  • how international frameworks such as the One Health Initiative and the Sustainable Development Goals address, or could better address, the right to health
  • the potential influence of expansive rights frameworks, including other than human rights, on human health outcomes

Submission details:

  • Health and Human Rights Journal is a peer-reviewed, open access journal under the editorship of Partners in Health co-founder Paul Farmer. It is published twice yearly by Harvard FXB Center, with new issues released in June and December. There are no publication fees unless authors can use open access publication grants.
  • Full papers have a maximum word length of 7,000 words, including references. We also invite Perspective Essays of up to 3000 words, including references, on this topic.
  • Author guidelines are available on the website:

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