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A Call for Phoenix Zones

Phoenix Zones Initiative spotlights and helps to create Phoenix Zone projects and communities.

Guided by Phoenix Zones Initiative’s rights-based vision for change, Phoenix Zone projects and communities foster and expand both human and animal rights, including bodily freedom of movement; protection from violence and exploitation; and access to adequate nutrition, healthcare, and a clean and safe environment in which individuals and communities can live, learn, and thrive.

Specifically, Phoenix Zone projects focus on structural changes that serve the needs of the most vulnerable groups of people and animals by dismantling inequities and building new structures of resilience that enhance the wellbeing of these groups. Projects are both reactive and proactive, and they work to abolish different forms of oppression and also to create the means to expand rights.

Ideally, projects maximize impact by addressing the synergistic intersections of different forms of oppression, while also building capacity for self-sufficiency—including networks of mutual aid and solidarity that benefit both people and animals.

Phoenix Zones can take many forms, limited only by the imaginations of those who build them.

Perhaps an animal sanctuary for formerly farmed animals might partner with a community agriculture organization to establish community gardens and education programs on plant-based nutrition in neighborhoods with limited access to healthy food.

Or an immigrants’ rights organization might provide support to transition agricultural workers out of exploitative and abusive jobs at slaughterhouses, where racial and ethnic minorities have made up over eighty-seven percent of reported cases of COVID-19. 

Projects like these recognize in different ways the interlinking structures of violence that create vulnerability and they respond with creative efforts to build strength and resilience at the local scale.

Please reach out if you are interested in working with us as a Phoenix Zone project or community, or if you would like to highlight a Phoenix Zone project or community.

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