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Just One Health

How Does Phoenix Zones Initiative Address the Interconnected Rights, Health, and Wellbeing of People, Animals, and the Planet?

Phoenix Zones Initiative advances rights, health, and wellbeing collectively because they are mutually interdependent goals. The systems of structural violence and inequity that threaten the health and wellbeing of humans, animals, and the planet can only be counteracted by structures of resilience that are built on a strong foundation of expansive rights.

Structures of violence and structures of resilience are shaped and supported by social norms and values, legal and economic frameworks, and policy priorities.

Phoenix Zones Initiative is guided by the foundational principles of respect for liberty and sovereignty; a commitment to compassion, tolerance, and justice; and a fundamental belief that each individual possesses dignity. We seek to dismantle structures of violence and build resilience in their place by actively transforming norms, legal and economic frameworks, and policy priorities.

Our Interconnected Goals:

  • Shift Norms and Values: Exploitation of animals and environmental destruction are made possible by social norms that treat both animals and people as disposable. We therefore foster shifts in attitudes, behaviors, and norms to increase human empathy and to transform how human and animal rights are perceived and advanced.
  • Reinvent Powerful Legal and Economic Frameworks: Economic frameworks that rely on the exploitation of the most vulnerable individuals and groups, and legal frameworks that are designed to facilitate this exploitation by undermining or denying rights to the most vulnerable, create the social conditions and norms that support structures of violence. We therefore seek to transform mutually reinforcing legal and economic frameworks in order to strengthen human and animal rights and to promote individual, community, and environmental resilience.
  • Influence Policy and Practice: Policy priorities at the local, national, and global scale simultaneously reflect and reinforce structures of violence by enhancing the legal and economic frameworks and social norms that make it possible to exploit the most vulnerable. We therefore work to actively change policy priorities so that they nurture grassroots and systemic changes that enhance the rights, health, and wellbeing of individuals and communities around the globe.
  • Accelerate Social Change: While social norms, legal and economic frameworks, and policy priorities work together to perpetuate structures of violence and inequality, building strong coalitions makes it possible to more quickly and effectively counter these structures. We therefore work to increase the capacity of partners by scaling promising models of social change, inspiring new initiatives, and fueling a broader movement.

The popular One Health approach seeks to maximize health by recognizing the interconnectedness of people, animals, and the planet. We expand on this approach by recognizing how this interconnectedness is affected by human social and economic processes that imperil the health and wellbeing of other beings and the earth. By focusing on human and animal rights, we can transform social and economic processes in order to build structures of resilience for people, animals, and our life-sustaining planet.

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