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Book cover: Saving AnimalsFor more than 40 years, animal protection advocates have established sanctuaries and shelters for animals who have suffered through horrible ordeals.

In his book, Saving Animals, Dr. Elan Abrell explores the ethical issues of establishing safe spaces and care for animals who have been abused and mistreated so that they can live out their lives and thrive.

Through stories of animals who live at sanctuaries, such as Bob and Eloise, a cow and a goat who are best friends, Abrell explores sanctuary not just as a physical space, but as an ethical and ideological model for a mutual coexistence in which we all can thrive.

As Abrell notes, in addition to improving the lives of thousands of individual animals, sanctuaries model ways of living together with other animals as fellow beings in our shared environment, a stark contrast to their treatment as resources for human consumption and exploitation. By recognizing animals’ basic rights to life, health, and wellbeing, sanctuaries help to liberate animals from the status of living-property that they typically occupy.

Watch Dr. Abrell talk more about his book.

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