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Community & Public Service

Meeting the Challenge

  • Leveraging Just Transitions

    We envision a world in which corporate and government-funded industries reduce vulnerability and promote the resilience of human and nonhuman beings and our life-sustaining planet.

    We offer resources that can be used to leverage financial, governmental, and public support for just transitions away from exploitative practices.

  • Cultivating Strategic Partnerships & Coalitions

    We prioritize strategic partnerships with individuals, nonprofit organizations, and public and private institutions that are similarly committed to structural change.

    We partner across many different sectors, including medicine, public health, the sciences, law, government affairs, international development, the arts, media, finance, economics, and education.

  • Developing Resources, Tools & Training

    In order to bring comprehensive solutions to scale, we are developing an open-source hub of existing and emerging initiatives and best practices.

    We also provide interactive educational materials, guides, and toolkits to promote more effective civic engagement and advocacy on behalf of the most vulnerable individuals and communities.

  • Advancing Policy Change Through Public Office

    While avoiding partisanship and endorsement of political candidates, we advocate—at local, national, and international levels—for resources and policy changes that advance rights, health, and wellbeing.

    We work to hold policymakers accountable through increased transparency and by providing educational and advocacy resources for social and environmental justice advocates.

  • Training Generations of Leaders

    Students are increasingly interested in social change, and they are eager for opportunities to incorporate social and environmental justice into their education and careers.

    Through direct engagement and advocacy for shifts in educational and funding priorities, we aim to train the next generation of leaders to be more empathic, ethical, and compassionate in their everyday lives and work.

  • Measuring & Assessing Impact

    Although we expect our approach to result in needed structural changes and meaningful impact, we realize we must be nimble and regularly reflect on our progress.

    We invest in and rely on early and ongoing metrics to assess impact. Our efforts will ultimately be measured for their success in advancing rights so that we can reduce suffering and create healthier, more resilient communities.

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