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Advancing justice for all so people, animals, and the planet can thrive.

We’re Creating a World of Phoenix Zones

Many outdated policies and practices drive the exploitation of vulnerable individuals and communities while fueling global crises, such as climate change, diseases, conflict, and environmental destruction.

We’re on a mission to change that.

Phoenix Zones Initiative is working to create a world of Phoenix Zones—places that advance the health and wellbeing of people, animals, and the planet, allowing society to live well, rise, and thrive—like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

From small towns and big cities to seats of power in Washington, DC, and the United Nations, we work to change lives and reimagine social, economic, and legal frameworks for the better.


Your Impact

With your support, Phoenix Zones Initiative makes a global impact, ending suffering and shaping a better tomorrow. Last year, we provided:

  • global education

    Education and outreach stretching across seven continents

  • Research and innovation reaching 53 million people

  • partnerships

    Leadership and advocacy partnering with 150 organizations

With your support, we can reach even more people to make changes in global and local policies possible through cutting-edge educational programs, hard-hitting articles and reports, and strong leadership.

How We Do It

  • We use our medical and public health expertise to advance a Just One Health approach, which focuses on connections between people, animals, and the planet; rights and justice; and addressing the roots of global challenges.

  • And we do it by training today’s and tomorrow’s leaders to promote civic engagement and partnerships; providing thought leadership that analyzes complex, interconnected problems and offers meaningful solutions; and advocating for grassroots and systems-level change that benefits vulnerable populations and the environment.

What Drives Us

A child working in a slaughterhouse. A suffering piglet. A community poisoned by dirty air and water.



The child rising from violence. The piglet freed from cruelty. The safe and thriving community.

The exploited child, the abused animal, and the polluted community all suffer from the same broken paradigms.

Now more than ever, we have an opportunity to reimagine our relationships with each other, other beings, and our life-sustaining planet.

Pollution or clean air. Climate crisis or resilience. Pandemics or prevention.

Violence or peace. Hunger or food security. Illness or wellness.

Change is possible.

Stay Updated With News From Our Team

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    Toward a Sustainable Food System

    Just transitions away from human, animal, and environmental exploitation toward nature-based solutions can help solve the climate crisis, the burden of disease, conflict, and environmental destruction.

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  • Image of a glass globe of the Earth resting on the ground with a blurred scene of trees in the background

    UN Grants PZI Special Consultative Status

    The United Nations granted Phoenix Zones Initiative special consultative status with its Economic and Social Council, which will further enable Phoenix Zones Initiative to provide expertise to UN bodies.

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a field of flowers with butterflies--we need a world of Phoenix Zones

Our Guiding Principles

At Phoenix Zones Initiative, we use a central ethic to guide our work for people, animals, and the planet, following the principles embedded in Phoenix Zones:

Respect for liberty and sovereignty

Compassion and justice

A belief that each individual possesses dignity

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