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Learn about our education and outreach programs.

Education and Outreach

We train current and future generations of leaders to create a world where people, animals, and the planet can thrive.

Phoenix Zones Initiative provides education, training, and mentorship programs for students and professionals who work in medicine, public health, law, ethics, and the sciences—as well as educational services for the public.

We build bridges across sectors and bring world-renowned leaders and experts to the conversation through partnerships with organizations worldwide.

Through our programs, we train partners to tackle problems that impact people, animals, and the planet, including violence, the climate emergency, environmental degradation, communicable and non-communicable diseases, and other global health threats to people, animals, and the planet.

Professional Education and Outreach

Interdisciplinary Education and Training

Phoenix Zones Initiative provides free education, training, and mentorship, including through a partnership with Project ECHO, to give partners the knowledge and skills they need to enact community and public health interventions that are just, equitable, and recognize the closely connected rights, health, and wellbeing of people, animals, and the planet. We develop tools, resources, and curricula that offer bold and practical action.

Participants in our Just One Health Project ECHO have included local and international academic, nonprofit, and community-based professionals and advocates from the fields of human and veterinary medicine, public health, journalism, and the social and physical sciences. Participants have joined from multiple continents and small towns and big cities alike. The series is used by participants to identify and implement quality interventions in community settings, healthcare systems, and government. By partnering with Project ECHO, we join a global impact initiative to touch one billion lives by 2025.

Internships and Externships

We also offer internships and externships so that emerging leaders can lead the charge in their own fields and communities.

“Throughout my legal education, I have sought opportunities to immerse myself in interdisciplinary, movement-oriented work. When I became aware of an opportunity to work with Phoenix Zones Initiative, it quickly became apparent that the organization embodies a holistic and interdisciplinary strategy; one which I felt inspired by and drawn towards….I deeply appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with thoughtful and motivated people. I also really appreciated getting to immerse myself in interdisciplinary research and literature; I learned so much over the course of my internship.”
—Eric Sugarman, Law Student, Lewis & Clark School of Law

Learn about one of our recent Just One Health Project ECHO training programs.

Contact Catherine Broussard at if you’re interested in our Just One Health Project ECHO program.

Public Education and Outreach


Phoenix Zones Initiative offers public events such as expert panels, webinars, and special skills trainings to educate and mobilize individuals who are committed to creating a better future for all.

Our expert team speaks to a variety of audiences to highlight the nexus between human, animal, and planetary health, as well as concrete, evidence-based solutions to some of the greatest challenges of our time.

Publications and Resources

Additionally, we publish articles, editorials, and reports to forge a path toward policies and practices that advance health and justice for people, animals, and the planet.

To break down barriers to change, we also provide free tools and materials, including multi-media resources that push us all forward.

See our prior events.

Read Dr. Ferdowsian’s Harvard Public Health Magazine editorial about embracing the nexus between human, animal, and planetary health.

Speakers Bureau

If you’re interested in speaking engagements featuring our experts, including our cofounder Dr. Hope Ferdowsian, please contact Catherine Broussard at Speaker fees vary depending on the presentation request and venue. For nonprofit organizations and educational institutions, a small honorarium to Phoenix Zones Initiative is encouraged but not required. Speaker fees and honoraria help fund Phoenix Zones Initiative’s mission and programs.

Signature topics include:

  • Links between human, animal, and planetary health and wellbeing
  • Connections between rights, health, and justice
  • Global medical and public health issues
  • Interpersonal and societal violence
  • Trauma and resilience
  • Vicarious trauma and vicarious resilience
  • Research ethics and public health ethics

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