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Our Policy Agenda

Phoenix Zones Initiative envisions that public policies, institutions, and practices can become socially, environmentally, and economically just, and that they can uplift the most vulnerable.

Our Policy Priorities

Stop Exploitation and Abuse

No one’s economic interests should be vested in exploitation and abuse.

At Phoenix Zones Initiative, we strive to:

Ensure that public resources do not enable exploitation. 

For decades, large industries, agriculture and development projects, and many attempts to address disease have driven the exploitation of the most vulnerable people and animals.

We advocate for international, national, and local policy changes that require government agencies to abide by principles that safeguard people, animals, and the environment against exploitation.

We are especially focused on addressing publicly-funded activities such as food policy, medical research, public health priorities, and international development.

End the exploitation of children and animals.

Worldwide, child and animal exploitation are common in the food, agricultural, and other industries. We advocate for policies that end child and animal exploitation, including trafficking. We also push to strengthen and enforce existing laws.

Expand and Strengthen Legal Rights

Many forms of exploitation and abuse can be addressed by ensuring that individuals possess basic rights—including the right to not be abused, and the right to a healthy and safe home and community.

At Phoenix Zones Initiative, we aim to:

Protect the most vulnerable.

child kissing a baby goat in a field

We advocate for the right to health and other basic protections for people and animals.

For example, we work to bring the US into alignment with the global community’s acceptance of key international legal frameworks—such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

Similarly, we strive to improve research protections for people and animals.

Ensure public health priorities reflect the rights of the most vulnerable.

We advocate for further development and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals so that they reflect basic principles of justice for people and animals.

We also push for multilateral agencies and international frameworks such as the One Health concept to better address the need for ecological justice and the right to health.

Affirm and ensure the right to a healthy and safe home and environment.

Communities should be constructed to encourage vitality and ethical and sustainable development. We advocate for better urban and rural planning and for more ambitious international frameworks that acknowledge the right to a healthy and safe home, community, and environment.

Read more about our work for children and animals, and our work to advance the links between the rights, health, and wellbeing of people, animals, and the planet.

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