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The Rayburn House Office Building--PZI led a Congressional briefing about the science and ethics of transforming medical research

PZI Briefs Congressional Leaders

by the PZI Team
February 7, 2023

PZI and a team of experts led a Congressional briefing to educate legislators and their staff on advancements in science and ethics relevant to transforming medical research. Read more.

A lazuli bunting sings from a branch--public health officials need to center ecological health in policy and practice

It’s Time for a New Revolution: We Need an Ecological View of Health

by Marsha Rakestraw
January 31, 2023

More than 60 years after Silent Spring, it’s time for a new revolution focused on centering prevention, justice, and the connections between humans, other animals, and our shared environment. Read more.

Dr. Alka Chanda--she spoke with us on the science and ethics of transforming medical research

Vulnerability and Power: A Conversation with Dr. Alka Chandna

by the PZI Team
January 24, 2023

Dr. Alka Chandna discusses the science and ethics of research using animals and what we can do to transform medical research. Read more.

Kelly holds Riley a rescue from an animal testing breeding facility

8 Sources of Harm to Animals Used in Research

by Marsha Rakestraw
January 17, 2023

Almost anything can be done to an animal in the name of science. Read about the sources of harm to animals used in research. Read more.

Raccoon dogs are trafficked and exploited every year, increasing the risk of pandemics.

Pandemics Will Keep Coming Until We Address the Root Causes

by Marsha Rakestraw and Dr. Hope Ferdowsian
January 10, 2023

Our future literally depends on addressing the root causes of pandemics—including wildlife trafficking and intensive animal farming. Read more.

field of flowers with butterflies--we need a world of Phoenix Zones

Creating a World of Phoenix Zones

by Marsha Rakestraw and Dr. Hope Ferdowsian
January 3, 2023

For people, animals, and the planet to thrive, we need a world of Phoenix Zones. Learn what they are, why we need them and how to create them. Read more.

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