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Effective Advocacy: Implement Your Plan

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Once you’ve done all the planning and organizing, it’s time to implement your plan.

As you implement different actions and engage with various people and organizations, you’ll likely discover gaps in your knowledge, find strategies, tactics, and messaging that fail or that have unintended consequences, develop new ways of thinking, and encounter other factors that require adjustments, so it’s important that any plan is nimble and dynamic.

As you’re ready to implement your plan, here’s a checklist of just some of the things to consider:

Are you working from a comprehensive worldview (advancing the rights, health, and wellbeing of people, animals, and the planet) and acting from the highest ethical standards?
Do you have a clear understanding of your issue of concern and of the systems involved in it?
Are you focused on systems change?
Have you developed relevant advocacy skills?
Have you identified the key actors and how you’ll engage with them?
Have you cultivated meaningful relationships that will further your goals and support your mission?
Have you identified the most useful leverage points in which to intervene?
Have you developed clear goals and objectives (both short-term and long-term)?
Have you chosen the best tactics to achieve your goals and serve your mission?
Have you outlined clear action steps, who is responsible, and a timeline?
Have you created clear, measurable outcomes and determined how you will assess them?
How have you included the needs, interests, wisdom, and skills of those affected by this issue?
Have you created clear messaging, using appropriate language and framing, for each relevant key actor and/or target group?
Have you looked for potential pitfalls in your plan and prepared for any backlash and/or the unexpected as best you can?
Download a pdf of the checklist.

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