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Transforming Medical Research

Training and Mentorship Program

September 8-29, 2022

We can advance scientific and medical research so that it protects and benefits people and animals.

PZI led a four-week virtual training and mentorship program, which outlined how we can advance evidence-based modern, ethical research founded on primary prevention, justice, and the interdependent connections between humans, other animals, and the environment.

This program explored the history, key principles, and applications of The Belmont Report–which revolutionized how we approach human research–and efforts to extend similar protections to animals. It also explored advancements in ethics, science, and medicine that have the potential to transform medical research.

Topics included

  • Introducing the history of human and animal research policies and practices, and the ethical principles of research.
  • Reviewing the legal requirements involved in advancements in medical research; the predictive value and limitations of using animal research to guide human medical advancements; and the current state of technological advancements and aspirational ideas for the future.
  • Analyzing the relevance of consent and risk in medical research, with a focus on non-consenting subjects exposed to non-beneficial research; minimal risk standards; and special protections for vulnerable subjects.
  • Examining ways to transform medical research in academic institutions and industry by shifting educational and career paths, influencing publishing standards, enforcing transparency, and creating a roadmap for the future.
  • Exploring opportunities to advance evidence-based interprofessional and cross-sectoral interventions to transform and improve medical research for people and animals.

Medical professionals were eligible for continuing medical education credit (CME) for each weekly session.

Download the program overview and agenda.

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