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The FDA Modernization Act has passed!

smiling child and doctor togetherWe celebrate a historic victory with the passage of the FDA Modernization Act!

This landmark bill is a significant step toward PZI’s ultimate goal of creating a just, modern research paradigm that benefits and protects both humans and animals.

With its final passage of the bill known as FDA Modernization Act 2.0, Congress brings an end to the FDA’s 80-year-old requirement for animal testing in the development of new drugs and biosimilars.

The new law frees developers from antiquated rules, letting them choose more modern, ethical testing methods.

The FDA’s antiquated animal testing requirement cost the lives of countless millions of animals while failing to let researchers employ decades of scientific and technological progress. The adoption of this new law brings us a step closer to a future with kinder science and better medicine.


But there’s much more to be done.

Animal testing fails more often than it succeeds.

High rates of false positives and false negatives harm vulnerable humans by putting them at greater risk for adverse effects in clinical trials. Animal testing also harms and kills millions of animals every year, subjecting them to physical pain, and mental and emotional distress.

It’s time for medical testing to catch up with eight decades of advances in science and ethics.

We deserve medical testing that is modern, ethical, and effective, and that protects and benefits people and animals.

Join PZI in working to transform medical research so that it protects and benefits both people and animals. You can start by endorsing PZI’s call to transform medical research, to mobilize a groundswell of support that will influence decision makers.

See other actions you can take to transform medical research!

Person's fingers holding an organ-on-a-chip; Image via NIH

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