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Press Kit for Transforming Medical Research
Virtual Panel and Discussion

Media Inquiries

To arrange interviews or learn more about Phoenix Zones Initiative, please contact Clark Curtis, Media and Public Relations Specialist: 
[email protected].

Clark Curtis

What People Are Saying

“I admire the fact that PZI’s vision is based on principles of social justice applied to all vulnerable beings, including animals held in and experimented on by the biomedical industry. Thanks to PZI’s global leadership, we can map out ways to work effectively for a world in which human health advances come from the most highly effective and ethical methods, those which are non-animal-based.” ~ Dr. Barbara J. King, Emerita Professor of Anthropology, William and Mary

“There is indeed a need for a Belmont Report for Animals. We are now fully aware of the harms we cause and the benefits we do and do not derive from those harms. . . . This is exactly why we are in need of a serious and global reassessment of how, why, and whether we harm other animals and a better roadmap for navigating that landscape.”
~ Dr. Agustín Fuentes, Professor of Anthropology, Princeton University

Transforming Medical Research is a revolutionary virtual panel and discussion which will be simulcast on Thursday, January 27, 2022, at 7 pm EST/4 pm PST.

The event will help chart a path toward more modern and more ethical research—for humans and animals.

Our expert group of panelists will discuss how we can

  • Increase transparency around the use of animals in research
  • Incentivize, through preferential funding, the use of human-centered, non-animal research methods
  • Create a roadmap toward the replacement of laboratory animal research with more ethical, human-centered methods 

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