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Belmont Report for Animals video screenshot

Why We Need a Belmont Report for Animals

In this short video, learn about how The Belmont Report gained important protections for human research subjects, and why we need to extend those same protections to animals.

Two people holding social justice signs and smiling at each other

We Won’t Transform Systems If People Don’t Feel They Belong: 7 Tips to Help

People won’t join the advocacy movement to create a better world unless they feel they belong. Here are 7 tips to help cultivate that connection.

Image shows book covers from children's books about nonviolent protest and resistance

12 Children’s Picture Books about Nonviolent Protest and Resistance

Nonviolent protest and resistance are an integral part of systemic change. Explore these 12 children’s picture books that highlight powerful examples of nonviolent resistance.

Image of person sitting in grass writing on a laptop

How to Submit Feedback to an EU Public Consultation

Find out how EU citizens and organizations can submit feedback on proposed policies and legislation in the EU through public consultations.

Image of back of person with arms spread looking out at a beautiful mountain scene

Effective Advocacy: A Toolkit to Support Advocates Working for Systems Change

Effective advocacy addresses the deep roots of social and environmental injustice in ways that transform our systems and institutions so that everyone can rise and thrive. Explore Phoenix Zones Initiative’s toolkit to help you engage in meaningful change for people, animals, and the planet.

How to Submit Comments on Public Regulations

Interested in submitting a public comment on federal regulations? Learn how here.

Image of person lying in a field at sunset writing on a laptop

Tips for Writing Opinion (Op-ed) Pieces

The op-ed sections of print and electronic media platforms provide valuable opportunities to educate the public and influence popular opinions about important issues and policies affecting the rights, health, and wellbeing of people, animals, and the planet.

Image of three people having a meeting outside.

How to Hold Policymakers Accountable

Learn how to effectively advocate for the rights, health, and wellbeing of people and animals you care about by reaching out to your public representatives and holding them accountable.

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