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A child sitting next to a field--we need to protect children from pesticide poisoning

Pesticide Exposure and Poisoning in Children: A Case Study of India

This paper uses the case study of India to highlight failures in protecting children from pesticide poisoning and calls for taking children’s right to life and health seriously.

A baby plays with a dog--we need to expand moral status and agency

Shifting the Moral Burden: Expanding Moral Status and Moral Agency

Who matters enough to warrant a right to health? This paper proposes a broad and inclusive view of moral status and moral agents and argues that collective entities should bear some of the burden of moral responsibility.

Smiling family with dog playing outside--all beings deserve a right to health

One Health, COVID-19, and a Right to Health for Human and Nonhuman Animals

This paper shows how the devastating impacts on people and animals of the COVID-19 pandemic make a case for advancing the interdependent rights, health, and wellbeing of humans, other animals, and our shared environment.

baby pigs crowded in a pen, waiting to be killed--Slaughterhouse regulations allow egregious policies and practices

Slaughterhouse Workers, Animals, and the Environment: The Need for a Rights-Centered Regulatory Framework

This paper discusses the long history of failed regulatory oversight in US slaughterhouses and the need for a right-to-health regulatory approach that protects people, animals, and the planet.

A child and a cow--a new-rights-based relationship with the nonhuman world

Emerging from COVID-19: A New, Rights-Based Relationship with the Nonhuman World?

Mia MacDonald uses the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic to argue for the rights of human and nonhuman populations to be accepted as complementary and to be advanced together to further the right to life and health.

Image of a lizard--beyond anthropocentrism

Beyond Anthropocentrism: Health Rights and Ecological Justice

In this essay, the author highlights why we need to move beyond anthropocentrism to include both sentient and non-sentient beings in a right to health and justice, including through legal frameworks.

child with t-shirt about hope

US High-Level Office for Children Is Critical for Children’s Rights

This article describes the findings of participants at a recent series of workshops, hosted by Phoenix Zones Initiative, First Focus on Children, and the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights, to address the lack of leadership for child rights in the United States.

Lucy the dog is a rescue from a laboratory

Stop Torturing Animals in the Name of Science

This essay outlines the need to establish a Belmont Report for Animals that extends important research protections that humans get to other animals.

Child holding a bunny and feeding her greens

Toward an Antimaleficent Research Agenda

This article summarizes the harms that using animals in research causes and outlines recommendations for transforming medical research so that it protects and benefits both humans and other animals.

A moose is trying to cross a busy road

Building Better Roadways for People, Animals, and the Planet

Having the freedom to move toward resources and away from threats is critical to the health and wellbeing of all life on the planet, and it is foundational to the rights of self-determination for people and animals.

As infrastructure development continues in communities across the globe, it is critical that all decisions consider the rights, health, and wellbeing of vulnerable people and animals. Evidence-based animal crossings are one essential solution.

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