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How to Hold Policymakers Accountable

Learn how to effectively advocate for the rights, health, and wellbeing of people and animals you care about by reaching out to your public representatives and holding them accountable.

Phoenix Zones

Challenging the Way We Produce and Consume Food

The COVID-19 pandemic provides opportunities to change how we produce and consume food in a way that values the rights, health, and wellbeing of people, animals, and the planet.

Why Justice for Animals Is the Social Movement of Our Time: Reflections from a Human Rights Doctor

While we still need to make further progress on behalf of vulnerable human populations, the rights of people and animals are not mutually exclusive.

The Ethical Challenges of Animal Research: Honoring Henry Beecher’s Approach to Moral Problems

In 1966, in the New England Journal of Medicine, Henry K. Beecher drew attention to common moral problems in human research. An approach modeled after Beecher’s 1966 paper reveals similar moral problems with animal research.

Animals Deserve Research Protections People Get

Americans have a deep, but often ambivalent, relationship with animals. Societal changes beg the question of how our institutions might better respond to monumental shifts in our understanding of and concern for animals.

A Belmont Report for Animals?

Responding to historical abuses in the conduct of human research, in 1979, The Belmont Report published key ethical principles to which human research should adhere. The same principles can be extended to nonhuman animals.

Movement—Animal and Human—Key to Pandemics

The novel coronavirus pandemic has tested how Americans respond to restrictions of their civil liberties, and it provides a deeper opportunity to reevaluate how we view the right to freedom of movement.

The Phoenix Effect: Turning Vulnerability into Resilience

The Phoenix Effect reveals how individuals who have endured trauma—war, abuse, and displacement—can rise from the proverbial ashes and thrive.

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Rethinking the Ethics of Research Involving Animals

This special journal issue explores the ethics of research involving animals and creative ways to reimagine our treatment of our fellow vulnerable beings.

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Reenvisioning Our Research Agenda

The time has come to create a national medical and public health research agenda that is shaped by an inclusive and holistic social, economic, and cultural paradigm.

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