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Book cover for Voracious Science Vulnerable Animals by John P. Gluck of a primate

Voracious Science and Vulnerable Animals

A Primate Scientist's Ethical Journey by Dr. John P. Gluck

Date: University of Chicago Press, 2016

Book cover for Voracious Science Vulnerable Animals by John P. Gluck of a primateDr. John Gluck was a graduate student in behavioral science working with the famous Dr. Harry F. Harlow on maternal deprivation and social isolation experiments, when he found himself unable to overlook the egregious physical and psychological harm caused to the rhesus macaques they were experimenting on.

Though he continued to engage in research using animals in several labs—including a primate research lab he started at the University of New Mexico–eventually, he transitioned from a dedicated animal researcher to a passionate advocate for the animals.

In Voracious Science and Vulnerable Animals, John shares his personal story of transformation, and the challenges of following his moral compass against the strong tide of peer pressure, his desire for success, and the embedded worldview in research circles that animals are tools, rather than thinking, feeling individuals.

As he said in a New York Times interview, “There is no research more valuable than our own integrity and ethical coherence, and our treatment of animals is a direct reflection of our values toward life and one another.”

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