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A pyramid showing the hierarch of evidence in medicine--we need ethical, human-centered research

Why We Need to Transform Medical Research

by Dr. Hope Ferdowsian

Date: April 2023

Why aren’t Americans getting healthier?

Why is medical research still relying on status quo policies and practices that harm both people and animals?

In this 20-minute webinar, PZI President Dr. Hope Ferdowsian outlines the importance of transforming medical research so that it centers an ethical, innovative, human-centered research framework.

Dr. Ferdowsian discusses

  • The lack of focus on (primary) prevention
  • The fact that government spending doesn’t reflect research needs
  • The problematic reliance on using animals in research
  • The hierarchy of evidence in medicine that most physicians use when deciding how best to treat their patients
  • The reasons that using animals in experiments fails
  • The shift to evidence-based toxicology and new approach methods
  • The importance of moving forward through values and science


Watch the webinar.


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