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Learn how we can transition to ethical, innovative research that benefits both people and animals.

Toward More Innovative, Ethical Research:

An Evening with Dr. Charu Chandrasekera

Thursday, October 20, 2022


“If the ultimate goal of the scientific community is to advance human medicine, it’s time to prioritize human biology. It’s time to think beyond animal testing.” ~ Dr. Charu Chandrasekhera

It’s time to change the paradigm of medical research.

On Thursday, October 20, 2022, Dr. Charu Chandrasekera, founder and executive director of the Canadian Centre for Alternatives to Animal Methods, spoke about cutting-edge models and methods and discussed the pathway to transforming medical research so that it benefits and protects both people and animals.

The event was moderated by Clark Curtis, Phoenix Zones Initiative’s Media Specialist.

Watch the raw recording of the event:

About Dr. Chandrasekera

Dr. Chandrasekera is the founder and executive director of Canada’s first and only center dedicated exclusively to animal-free science—the Canadian Centre for Alternatives to Animal Methods (CCAAM) and its subsidiary, the Canadian Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (CaCVAM), located at the University of Windsor. She is an experienced scientist, former animal researcher, and science policy expert.

Through CCAAM/CaCVAM, Dr. Chandrasekera promotes the replacement of animals in Canadian biomedical research, education, and regulatory testing through 21st-century science, innovation, and ethics.

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