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Learn to write effective letters to the editor to help transform medical research.

Learn to Write Effective Letters to the Editor

to Transform Medical Research

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

This training, held on September 13, 2022, offered valuable tips and resources for crafting and submitting an effective letter to the editor (LTE).

Letters to the editor and other opinion pieces can educate the public and influence popular opinion about important issues and policies, and they’re often some of the most-read parts of a publication.

The training included

  • Why we need to transform medical research
  • Major talking points to consider
  • Tips for writing and submitting your piece from expert science journalist Dr. Barbara J. King
  • Effective examples of LTEs and other opinion pieces
  • Relevant resources

This training was led by Michelle Blake, PZI’s Director of Policy, and Marsha Rakestraw, PZI’s Senior Director of Communications and Outreach.

Our featured special guest was Dr. Barbara J. King, emerita professor of anthropology at William and Mary, and an extensively published science writer and public speaker, who shared some strategies and insights for writing effectively and getting published.

Dr. Barbara J. King

Read two examples of Barbara’s published letters to the editor:

Read one of Marsha’s published letters to the editor:

Find out more about taking effective action to transform medical research.

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