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Book cover for Voracious Science Vulnerable Animals by John P. Gluck of a primate

Voracious Science and Vulnerable Animals

Dr. John P. Gluck shares his journey from dedicated animal researcher to passionate advocate for animals and scientific and ethical advancements.

Image shows book covers from children's books about nonviolent protest and resistance

12 Children’s Picture Books about Nonviolent Protest and Resistance

Nonviolent protest and resistance are an integral part of systemic change. Explore these 12 children’s picture books that highlight powerful examples of nonviolent resistance.

I Have the Right to Be a Child

This children’s picture book provides an overview of children’s rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child—for children and adults alike.

Policy Agenda

Waging Nonviolent Struggle: 20th Century Practice and 21st Century Potential

In this book, Sharp shows how to strategically plan nonviolent struggle that is effective.

An Unnatural Order: The Roots of Our Destruction of Nature

Mason provides evidence on how plants and animals were first dominated and ruled by humans and how an agrarian worldview led to subsequent views of domination and to the humanitarian and environmental crises we face today.

Image of the book Phoenix Zones leaning up against a piece of wood.

Phoenix Zones: Where Strength Is Born and Resilience Lives

Providing the rationale behind the mission of Phoenix Zones Initiative, Ferdowsian explores the shared experiences of structural violence and the shared capacity for the resilience of human and nonhuman beings.

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