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A pyramid showing the hierarch of evidence in medicine--we need ethical, human-centered research

Why We Need to Transform Medical Research

This webinar outlines the importance of transforming medical research so that it centers an ethical, innovative, human-centered research framework.

Belmont Report for Animals video screenshot

Why We Need a Belmont Report for Animals

In this short video, learn about how The Belmont Report gained important protections for human research subjects, and why we need to extend those same protections to animals.

Two children hugging a big tree

Ecological Justice and the Right to Health: A Teaching Guide

This teaching guide accompanies a video of a panel discussion exploring why and how we need to center ecological justice and the right to health in policy and practice.

How to Prevent the Next Pandemic Facebook Live

How to Prevent the Next Pandemic

In this Facebook Live event, filmed on May 1, 2021, Phoenix Zones Initiative CEO Hope Ferdowsian, MD, MPH, and media expert Clark Curtis discussed

• how SARS CoV-2 evolved into the current pandemic;
• what systems and practices put us at risk for future pandemics;
• how a Just One Health approach provides meaningful solutions for preventing a future pandemic;
• what actions we can all take to help ensure we prevent future pandemics.

A Belmont Report for Animals

Advancing Medical Research Ethics: A Belmont Report for Animals

The Belmont Report established key ethical principles to which human research should adhere, including special protections for vulnerable populations. What if we were to apply the Belmont principles to animals?

Phoenix Zones Initiative Impact Fashion Panel

What’s Trade Got to Do with It?

At the fifth annual Impact Fashion Summit and Show, Phoenix Zones Initiative’s team reported on the human, animal, and environmental health costs of fashion. The team covered the impact of trade policy and what we can all do to lobby for change.

Understanding Zoonotic Diseases

Learn why more germs are being transmitted from animals to humans, and how they cause disease, outbreaks, and pandemics.

Invisible Visible

Invisible Visible—on the treatment of humans and chickens—formed through conversation between Colleen Plumb, an artist, and Kate Cummings, a writer. The installation is expressed through photography, sculpture, video, and writing.

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